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Fluxnodes have raised the bar for serving up websites, SaaS apps, dev environments and everything in between.
Extremely simple & instant deployment. Easily scale node resources on-the-fly with zero downtime.
Switch to Fluxnodes to save on hosting and experience unparalleled performance!

Fluxnodes SSD-Backed RAM-Cached Storage Delivers

Ultra Performance

Experience instant deployment like you never have before. Fluxnodes build in under 5 seconds!
Strict load-balanced host servers ensure the highest performance possible and eliminate resource saturation.
Our highly optimized proprietary infrastructure is designed for pure, raw speed. We leave our competitors in the dust.

Cutting Edge

Fluxnodes are powered by the latest Xeon processors and our proprietary high-performance infrastructure.

Extremely Scalable

Change your CPU, RAM and Storage resources on-the-fly and with ZERO downtime, any time.

Instant Deployment

Fluxnodes build in under 5 seconds and are ready to login to instantly, miles ahead of the competition.

Latest OS Images

Deploy with cutting edge operating system distros and ready-to-use application stacks.

Super Simple

Our no-nonsense dashboard UI is designed to spin up fluxnodes with ease and minimal fuss.

Dev Friendly

Created by devs for devs, Fluxnodes get out of your way so you can focus on more important tasks.

Extremely Affordable & Simple Pricing

All resource blocks = $1

Fluxnodes are super affordable.
Per-minute billing is simple, transparent and predictable.
Funding your account via PayPal takes mere seconds with no lengthy billing details.

  • Resource Blocks

  • $1.00 / mo

  • HF Xeon CPU Cores

  • 25GB Storage Blocks

  • 1GB DDR RAM Blocks

  • IPv4 Addresses

  • Sign Up
  • With all these extras included

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

  • Unlimited Snapshots

  • Unlimited IPv6

  • Unlimited API Calls

  • Unlimited OS Reloads

  • Unlimited Cloning

  • Real-Time Resources

  • Per-Minute Billing

  • Sign Up

Fluxnode UI

We KISS so you can spend time doing more important things than configuring nodes.

Super Simple Deployment

Easy to use, Intuitive Dashboard

Spin up a Fluxnode with minimal details. Simply click "Create Fluxnode" to get running instantly with default settings, or customize away. We made creating a VPS node a breeze.

Scale up when YOU'RE ready

Start your nodes out minimal and scale up as the demand increases. We don't force you into a plan with unused resources. You control your resources!

Get Started

Fluxnode FAQ

We get asked the same questions a lot. Here's the answers.

We have designed a proprietary infrastructure utilizing techniques that eliminate bottlenecks, such as Disk IO, to a great magnitude. One example is utilizing large redundant RAM cache services facing fluxnode storage devices to drastically improve write throughput.

Our referral program is currently in development. We know you’re excited to spread the word so we’re working quickly to make sure that you’re compensated for it. We’ll announce as soon as it is ready.

Fluxnodes are self-serviced and simply designed for everybody. We offer minimal technical support so that we can pass the savings to our customers. Devs, Webmasters, and Application developers are our main clientele and generally need very little assistance.

We are currently working on adding this feature to the UI. We plan to have multiple IP assigning finished by Q1 of 2020. We will also be introducing FREE IPv6 IP assignments around the same time.

To keep things extremely simple, we use a credit system. You may purchase credit at any time to add to your account. Resources are billed in real-time with a 30 minute minimum per node built.

We credit every new user for testing purposes. You’re free to use this credit however you please. If for some reason our service doesn’t suit you, you’re not obligated to pay anything!

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

Nope. We give you full, unrestricted access for FREE and credit all new users with $5 to start their transition to Fluxnodes. $5 goes a long way considering we’re already priced incredibly low!

All of our load-balanced hosts are running later model Intel Xeon processors with DDR3 high-frequency memory. Our network interfaces are Gigabit connected to multiple service providers through a 50-GigE backbone.

What happens when the Intro special is over?

All accounts with an active status will continue to receive their  existing and all future nodes at 50% OFF for the LIFETIME of their accounts! This gives everybody an incentive to switch to Fluxnodes and enjoy a lifetime of cheap nodes. Accounts must remain in an active state for the discount to continue to apply.

Accounts that have at least one node (running or stopped) and have a positive balance will remain in an active state. Negative balance account’s nodes will be suspended. Accounts with a negative balance over 30 days will result in termination.

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